Air Tube For AirMakks SSB Brakes

Air Tube For AirMakks SSB Brakes

Air-cooled, spring-mounted Airtube releases high-torque brakes

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6", 8", 10", 11", 14", 16", 17", 18", 19", 20", 21", 22", 24",26", 29", 30", 36", 38", 42", 48", 52", 60"

Rubber Airtube for AirMakks SSB Brake

Air-cooled spring type pneumatic brake

AirMaKKs SSB is designed to assist low-speed braking applications, including conveyors, cranes, and winches, as a service brake to provide parking and emergency braking functions.

The AirMaKKs SSB model uses AquaMaKKs' basic, easy-to-maintain, pin-type modular design, including a brake housing with a torque plate, rather than a water jacket. Models have 19, 25, 36, and 48-inch AquaMaKK sizes.

Product Features

Air-cooled, spring-mounted Airtube releases high-torque brakes

Vessel type designed to withstand highly corrosive environments in offshore deck areas

Three-part epoxy marine and engineered anti-corrosive coatings provide additional protection for offshore rig applications

Replace water jacket with AquaMakks brake box with the torque plate

An optional stainless steel torque plate can be added to AirMaKKs SSB brakes for universal offshore deck applications.

19, 25, 36 and 48 inch sizes available

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