Constricting Air Clutches And Brakes Type CB

Constricting Air Clutches And Brakes Type CB

The CB constricting drum clutch is perfect for high speed, low to medium torque applications where high heat generation is not a factor.

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Product Details

We provide a range of drum style pneumatic clutches and brakes, both constricting and expanding types, in six clutch/brake configurations that are fully interchangeable with all other clutch brands in the market today.

All our drum brakes and clutches feature an integrated nylon cord reinforced neoprene tube. The final tube pressure determines the element's overall torque capcacity, and the rate at which the air tube is pressurized directly affects the rate at which the toque increases.

The tables below show the range of clutches, sizes and powers we have available. For more details, or if you would like help to make a size selection for a new or replacement element, please contact with us.


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CB models

18 types

Torque ratingMax RPMOverall widthMajor diameter

Nm at 5.2 bar and 100 RPM


740-2,00055-176 mm160-1,235.1 mm

LBs/in at 75 PSI


750-2,0002.16-6.94 in6.299-48.625 in

Applications include

Anywhere you need to start, stop or hold rotating equipment within the following industries:

● Mraine

● Cement processing and mining

● Oil, gas and water well drilling

● Metal working, canning, pulp and paper, tire construction, texitiles

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