Eaton Airflex 4/6/8/10CB Replacement Clutch And Brake

Eaton Airflex 4/6/8/10CB Replacement Clutch And Brake

We specialized in manufacturing for CB clutch for 15 years, our clutch are 100% replacement with Airflex. All our products have a one year after sale service life. Welcome your inquiry!

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Product Details

The air-actuated CB element assembly is designed and manufactured to provide dependable clutch or brake service in a multitude of industrial applications. It is suited to high speed, cyclic operations, as well as for coupling and general power transmission. All torque load is carried through the neoprene and cord actuating tube which absorbs damaging shock loads. The CB element assembly requires no lubrication or adjustment.

CB element assemblies are available for drum diameters from 4 inches through 45 inches. They are 100% replacement with Airflex clutch.


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