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Can I use a CB clutch on the washing machine?
- Jun 02, 2018 -

The Type CB is suited for high speed, cyclic operations, as well as for coupling and general power transmission.

Torque Capacities* Up To: 1,160,000 Ib·in, 131.000 N·m

Typical Applications: Can making machinery, commercial laundry equipment, metalforming machinery, oil & gas machinery, printing machinery, rubber processing machinery, tire building machinery

Standard Sizes:4CB200, 5CB200, 6CB200, 8CB250, 10CB300, 12CB350, 14CB400, 16CB500, 18CB500, 20CB500, 22CB500, 24CB500, 26CB525, 28CB525, 30CB525, 32CB525, 36CB525, 40CB525, 45CB525

So, small model CB clutch, like 4CB200, 6CB20 can use on the commercial laundry equipment.

4CB200 1.jpg

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