Air Bladders For Mud Pump

Air Bladders For Mud Pump

Function:1.Reduce pressure fluctuations.2.Increase drilling speed3.Reduce well leakage.

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  • Wooden case and plastic, according to your requirement

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Reduce pressure fluctuations


Increase drilling speed


Reduce well leakage


350Mud Pump

600Mud Pump

SL-1300AMud Pump

3NB-1000/1300Mud Pump

KB-25Mud Pump

KB-45Mud Pump

KB-75Mud Pump

F-500/800/1000Mud Pump

F-1300/1600Mud Pump


Why Choose Us

1. Good quality: Dalin Rubber was established in 1974 and has a history of 40 years specializing in the production of rubber. This can ensure that the key components of the VC and CB series pneumatic clutches and brakes in our company have obvious advantages in terms of service life and physical properties compared with similar products, and have a long-term cooperative relationship with Altra. The unique paint process makes the overall service life of the pneumatic clutches and brakes considerably longer.

2. Excellent service: After receiving your request, Dalin Rubber's technical service team will put forward a solution that will satisfy you at the first time, and will continue to track the effectiveness of the plan to ensure that the problem is solved and your satisfaction.

3.VC and CB series pneumatic clutches and brakes One-stop service: In addition to producing pneumatic clutches and brakes assembly, Dalin Rubber has all its related accessories, such as Air Compressor, Electric Control Cabinet, Rubber Airtube, Hubs, Side Plates, Brake Shoes, Friction Plates, Pins, Release Springs, Torque Bar, Rotorseals, Quick Release Valves, etc.

4. Customization: Whether it is pneumatic clutches and brakes assembly or rubber air tube, we can manufacture according to the mold you provide.

5. Price advantage: Dalin Rubber is located in an inland city in China: Xinxiang, Henan. On the basis of higher manufacturing processes, labor costs and factory manufacturing costs are relatively low. At the same time to ensure product quality, we can give you a satisfactory price.

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Henan Dalin Rubber And Telecommunications Apparatus Co., Ltd.

Contact person:Damn Song

Mobile Phone: +8615225937727

Wechat: songlianjun927

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Address: 1 North Of Donghua Road, Chengguan Town, Xinxiang, Henan, China (Mainland)

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