Spongy Polyurethane Tire 1350*380 Used For Armored Truck

Spongy Polyurethane Tire 1350*380 Used For Armored Truck

Spongy solid tire is a kind of solid tire, it is specially used for military cannon truck, widely used for east Europe market.

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Military use spongy tyre

Chinese Army spongy tyre supplier

The biggest military spongy tyre supplier in China

GJB9001B-2009 Certificate company from Chinese Army 

What is spongy solid tire?

Spongy solid tire is a kind of solid tire. It is consisting of bias tire(cover tire), spongy rubber(center filler) and wheel. The core part of the tire is the spongy rubber filler or epispastics rubber filler. We have the patented technology on spongy rubber, which can guarantee uniform and scientific air distribution among the rubber. This can guarantee not only the rigidity of the tire but also the elasticity of the tire. 

What is the application of spongy solid tire?

Low-speed and high-load vehicle, like mining vehicle.

Metallurgical, mining and construction equipment, like transmission drums in sintering plant.

Bad road condition vehicle, like agriculture vehicle, forest vehicle.Cannon, aitillery, gun spongy tyre. 

Why choose Dalin spongy solid tire?

Dalin company is the biggest military spongy tire supplier in China, the Chinese Army spongy tire supplier. Our cannon tire can own GJB 9001B-2009 Cerrificate from Chinese Army. For years, our aitillery spongy solid tire is widely sold to East Europe and North Africa. Our products executestrict to national military standard, can match various wheeled type cannon tyres made by the Former Soviet Union, the specification of tire is according to the target paremeter. 

Now we have the size from 5.00-16 to 1350*380, for the special size and specification, we can make according to customer's requirement. Our normal size5.00-16, 6.00-16, 6.50-10, 6.50-16, 6.50-20, 7.00-12, 7.00-16, 7.50-16, 7.50-20, 8.00-20, 9.00-20, 10.00-20, 11.00-20, 12.00-20, 12.00-23, 12.00-24, 13.00-20, 13.00-14, 14.00-20, 14.00-23, 14.00-24, 16.00-25, 16/70-20, 16/70-24, 17.5R25, 57*25-27, 36*13-20, 1425*450-25, 23.5-25, 57*25-27, 1180*165, 1350*380

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